For better or for worse, our computers, phones, “smart” devices, and tech gear, are becoming a bigger part of our lives. Yet, they’re often frustrating and rarely seem to cooperate. We offer the local, professional tech help you have been looking for. Founded by social workers, we take a “person-centered” approach where we learn your unique tech skills and move at your pace to help you stay connected to our digital world.

In-Home Services

Harness the benefits of your phone, computer, or other devices without the stress. Our empathetic team members will help you set up, learn, and provide ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of your technology.

Organization Support

Our thoughtful and personalized approach will help meet the unique tech needs of your members, team, group, clients, or residents. We partner particularly well with senior communities, services, and care management teams looking for unique ways to provide care and stand out.


Breathing life into older devices can help alleviate the emerging E-waste crisis. Contact us to learn if your device might still have use.

Tech Discovery

Find ways to make life better and save money through technology with our detailed survey. We'll build a comprehensive plan and go at your pace. Whether your goal is to be safer, age-in-place, have more fun, be more efficient, or just make sure you're not overpaying on your bills, this program is for you!

Tech Check

Your Cybersecurity, Tech Support, and Tech Learning all rolled into one. This subscription program ensures your devices are safe, secure, and operating headache-free.


Older adults are often overlooked, misunderstood, or underserved. Our social work roots and IT experience bring a unique perspective. If your organization, business, service, app, website, or project needs inspiring ideas, impactful changes, or thoughtful input, we're here to help.

6+ Years

Professional IT experience

10+ Years

Teaching experience

500+ Devices

Troubleshooted & repaired


Professional certifications

About the Founder

James Giordani

Founder & Instructor

James has a unique and extensive background in personal tech support. Not only has he worked in IT for numerous years in various capacities, he also obtained his Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan where he focused on tech literacy—learning and creating ways to use technology to help people achieve a better quality of living and independence.

James is renowned for his personable approach, his engaging presentations, and creative problem solving. While he enjoys working with clients of all ages, James has unparalleled expertise working with older adults and those with less tech experience.

Clear Computing has worked with a wide variety of entities including individuals, small groups, small businesses, senior resource centers, senior living communities, care management teams, and more. Contact us to learn how we can support you!

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We operate locally in Southeast Michigan and can provide remote services as well.
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